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Latest Build-A-Bug: Classic VW BuGs 1956 *Build-A-BuG* Beetle Project for Mike F.

Find A BuG


AS OF 11/15/17
Long list right now.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We get inquiries everyday on our “Build-A-BuG” program, the program where we build/restore a car just for you from the ground up. 

But some people fall into a different bracket, some that cannot afford a “Build-A-BuG” or just cannot wait to have a lil buggy in their hands.  “Build-A-BuGs” do take time to restore, you might be waiting a 1.5 to 2.5 years to get your car back depending on the condition of your car.

So “Finding a BuG” for you might be the option.  These are bugs that are pretty much already restored to some degree, starting in the 10k+ range.  

We search, chase, find, ask the tough questions, inspect, buy, and send your bug off to you.  You give us the criteria you are looking for in a Bug, color, year, sunroof, sedan, vert, whatever!  We find it for you, we know what to look for, where to look, and what kind of ??s to ask the sellers.  We make sure your car is 100% legit, no hack jobs!

It comes to our shop for a full inspection, whatever mechanical repairs it needs or changes you want such as interior, trim, accessories, motor, detail, etc., we can do it for you. 

Basically we can change/upgrade anything but the color of the car in this program.  Once we throw paint into the mix, now we are venturing into “Build-A-BuG” restoration where the car needs to be completely stripped down.

There is a CONTRACT and small deposit required ($500.00 non-refundable) that goes toward the search for your “Find-A-BuG.”  There is a 15% finders fee on purchase of the beetle.  If you are interested in having us “Find-A-BuG” for you, give us a call 845.290.9900.

You can paypal the deposit of $500.00 to

or send check or money order to

Classic VW BuGs
24 Burts Rd. Unit 101

Congers, NY 10920

Contract can be faxed or mailed with the deposit.

The deposit will get you in line and go toward the searching of your car.  Please understand there is a wait limit on “Find-A-BuGs.”

Here is a perfect example of one of our “Find-A-BuGs”
You can view the SlideShow Gallery HERE.

Video Below of a Bug we found for a client of our “Find-A-BuG” program.

And another, a 1951 Split Window BuG!


*FULL Disclaimer HERE* I know I know, but we have to in today’s mumbo jumbo day.

This is with all bugs through (not including Build-A-BuGs) on

When you purchase a VW from us;

SHIPPING: It is your responsibility to pay for shipping unless otherwise stated.  I can hook you up with a great guy to get a trucker for you.

All city, state, taxes and registration fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

The Rest: This includes “Find-A-BuGs”

Car (beetle) is sold as is no warranty.  All Sales are FINAL. No renegotiations when transaction closes.  I describe these Vehicles to the best of my ability.  Some conditions and possible uses are a matter of opinion.  If you need more clarification, email me at or call 845.290.9900.  Please understand, these cars are not BRAND NEW, they are 40+ years old and unlike cars today they will need general maintenance and TLC.  We encourage YOU to come and inspect the car yourself or hire someone to do so. 

Please also understand, we strive to bring you the best possible bug.  We only buy from the best parts suppliers out there, but at any given time we do not have control on the quality of the parts we buy.