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Classic VW Bugs wants to Sell your BuG 4 YOU!

This is a new section added to our Classic VW BuGs site, “Consignment VWs!”

For a while now people who have bugs have been emailing and calling me about “Selling Their BuGs” for them. This is something I am more than happy to do and something that will benefit you and our buyers.

How so? Well… has a Global following, we receive a tremendous amount of traffic to this site. We love these cars, and we showcase them to the fullest extent. Just take a gander at our “Previously Sold” bugs section to see the kind of work we do to bring your car to life on the internet screen.

Each car is shot with at least 75 photos, and filmed in FULL HD VIDEO, cut to music, titles, and FX, no one is doing this.

Here is a video Showcase example below

Buyers come to us because they know we are passionate about the VWs we restore and sell, these cars are art to us, they are my canvas! Many of these buyers do not want to wait for a “Build-A-BuG” restoration or simply can’t afford one. So buying a bug off of our lot is more up their alley. This helps “YOU” the seller and the buyer.

This is the only car we sell, we know them in and out. No car leaves our shop until it is fully inspected, turn-key, and ready to go.

So if you want to sell with us, here is the criteria;
1. The car must be a high end show/driver quality or better, no rot, no rust! A top Quality Air-Cooled VW that can turn heads.

2. Very respectable paint job to show quality, minor cosmetic flaws are ok, she must be at least a number 2 condition, with one being the BEST. A good guide to follow is HERE.

3. No CUSTOM JOBS! No Pimp my rides here, we sell vintage stock bugs. Chrome goodies are fine, white walls are great! Nothing lowered, no phat rims, no dragon motors! The people who buy from us want a nice looking vintage bug. Minor upgrades are ok, ex. 1600 motor in an earlier bug, disc brakes, 12v etc. As long as the car looks correct, and VINTAGE, we are good to go.

4. The car must be with us during the duration of the sale. If you are out of state, she must be shipped to our facility where we can inspect the car up and down. Whatever repairs are needed on the car will be at the expense of the consignor, I will not sell a car that needs repairs.

*If there are options that we feel are needed for the car to improve the chances of sale and marketability, we will notify you prior to listing* We have experience in this area, we know what the buyers look for. 95% of the bugs for sale on the internet are lacking certain touches to make them sell, ex. incorrect color combinations, accessories, missing the PoP! Many of these bugs that lack these features puts them into an extended period of sale time, less exposure, and then ultimately taking a loss just to sell the car.

5. One exception to the above criteria is if you have an “ALL ORIGINAL, UNRESTORED BUG.” Just make sure it is fully documented to back up your claim. She can’t be a rot box either.

If you have a VW that meets this criteria above, please e-mail us at Pictures, price, and description along with phone number! Please do not send LARGE photos, photos should be in jpeg format for easy viewing.

We reserve the right to refuse a bug that does not meet our requirements.

We are committed to selling your classic DuB, we have the ability to speak to car enthusiasts all over the globe. We handle the repairs (if needed), the research, the marketing, the presentation, the paperwork, and even the delivery if you choose.

We encourage consignors to provide all the documentation, accessories, and parts that will be sold with your DuB. These items add value and they build confidence for the buyer. We can arrange shipping, or you can bring the car to our facility.

Any Questions?? Please call me 845.290.9900 or email

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Last Updated: September 19th, 2017