Hey Chris & Happy Thanksgiving!

Added December 5, 2013 by Chris Vallone

Hey Chris & Happy Thanksgiving!

One of our family traditions on Thanksgiving is to say aloud 10 things you are grateful for. My wife’s list is always the best….family, our Church, our Faith, good health..good friends..etc.

My list, if I’m not careful, .can stray towards the more material …especially things I’ve accomplished with my Bug…e.g. ..”learned how to” ..weld in a new floor pan..adjust my own valves, fix the airlock on my fuel pump, put in a new engine lid seal, set the timing…brakes etc..etc.

In short you and Ron Higgins (BugMe Videos), are on my list of what I’m thankful for. So when its a chore answering 4 hours of email starting at 6:30 on Thanksgiving morning… know that it means a great deal.

What you & your Dad do every day makes a difference and brings joy to a lot of folks – and that something you should be thankful for!!

Many Thanks!!

Brad Dula
High Point NC
’74 Standard Daily Driver
’69 Auto-Stick on Life support but with a good prognosis for a full recovery ūüôā

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