Classic VW BuGs Heads to the 2013 “All Air-Cooled Gathering” in Flanders NJ this weekend!

Added September 20, 2013 by Chris Vallone

Best Air-Cooled Show on the East in Flanders NJ this weekend!

This weekend I will be attending, (probably the best show on the east coast) the “All Air-Cooled Gathering” in Flanders NJ.  I look forward to this show every year, it is always beautiful weather, the grounds are perfect, and they generate a great gathering, around 300-400 VWs.  Looks like the rain will be gone once Sunday morning arrives, the rest of the day looks great.

I will be bringing my 1952 Split Window Beetle this year, if anyone would like to convoy to the show or meet up on the highway, please pop me an email or call 845.290.9900.  We plan to meet at my shop by 8am, possibly stop for breakfast, then we are off to the show.

This is last years video I shot of the 2012 show
Part 1

Part 2

More info about the event can be seen here.


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Here's what I loved about the "Part II" showed - started off with a few "VolksRods"...I love the "VolksRods"...guess its the "Hot Rod Guy" coming out in me...then you showed some of the "Custom VWbs"...slammed, custom work....then you showed (Buses) how both a "Pristine - Show Quality" bus can sit right next to an "original" full of years of "Patina"  and both can be respected and enjoyed as much at the other.  I know you and most of your followers love the "original" - "restored" Bugs....and I also enjoy them, but the "Bug" just seems to be cool no matter what you do to it.  Enjoyed both videos, thanks.