Ed Kane from PA gives thanks, he enters into the VW Beetle BuG Hobby

Added May 19, 2013 by Chris Vallone

Hello Chris

Just wanted to say thanks for all the videos that you have posted. I recently have gotten into the vw bug hobby. I’ve been doing research on them, watched all your videos and checked out your website. I just bought a 66 beetle. I haven’t picked it up yet. The car is from Florida, and is being delivered to me in Pennsylvania. So I’m very excited to get it. It is a clean, stock example. But just wanted to say that it’s nice when someone takes the time to teach others what they know. I’ve hit a lot of the websites that you have mentioned, and learned some cool things about bugs through your videos. I’ve even bought the ethanol treatment that you have suggested for the fuel. But just wanted to give a shout out and say thanks.

Ed Kane

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