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Latest Build-A-Bug: Classic VW BuGs 1956 *Build-A-BuG* Beetle Project for Mike F.

Brendt Citta from Cali Ready to Jump in the Classic VW BuGs Scene

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to shoot you an email because I have really become a big fan of your YouTube channel. I’ve been watching it since I was 13 and have still been enjoying all the restores you do. I am 16 now and am really am looking into getting a bug. Not a perfect car I’m looking for one that needs work. I want to be able to drive it and say I’ve done things myself to it. Anyways I’m only sixteen and don’t know a great deal about cars just how to repack bearings and a full oil change. I was wonder if it would be smart to buy a low price beetle to work on my self and if it would be hard to restore a bug. I thought asking you would be smart you seem to know just a bit about vw bugs. Thank you for taking the time and reading my email. Keep making great videos really enjoy them.

Thanks again,

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Last Updated: May 19th, 2013



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