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Classic VW BuGs Newsletter; Small Micro Euro Car Market is Thriving, Beetle Ragtop Course Now Instant Download!

Some good info we out for ya this week,

1. Small Euro Car Market is thriving!
2. Growing Trend with Buying a VW
3. Touching Family Video, bringing their old car back to them.
4. Ragtop Headliner DVD now instant download course.
5. Golden Oldie – 1952 VW Käfer Cabriolet in Nizza

Tiny cars, huge dollars
(I know these are not beetles but…)


Microcars arose in post-war Europe as a way to get the impoverished masses back on the road. Better than a scooter or a bike (but not by much), they were cheap to operate and easy to fix.

Recently a Micro Car Collection went on auction at the prestigious RM Auction, you will not believe the numbers these cars pulled, some well into the 6 figures.

More info on the Micro car sales figures HERE.

Recently a 1953 VW Zwitter Split ragtop beetle went on auction at the RM as well, and pulled a 60k number!  Check out the sale page HERE.

The small Euro car market is thriving, good for our buggies!
Growing Trend with Buying a VW

You guys know that I search on the net for our beloved beetle all the time, but recently I am seeing a growing trend with sellers withholding vital info.  The usual problem I face is that there are never enough pictures with almost 90%-95% of the sellers.  But lately I see that VIN info is either not there, mismatched from body to chassis, or even to title.  In the past week I was looking at dozens of bugs, and almost all of them were missing their VIN tags in the trunk. 

Now unfortunately that is the killer for me with that silly lil tin tag missing in the trunk.  The car can look great up and down, and I am ready to pull the trigger and buy, but then I ask that age ole question, “Is the vin tag present in the trunk?”  Most have no idea what I am talking about or they say “NO it is not there.”  Now there is no legitimacy to the car, is it an early car on a later chassis? Or visa versa?  

If you plan on keeping the car and do not care about vin tags or numbers, then by all means have fun and buy the car.  But if it comes down to a time when you have to sell, it might hurt your sale price.  Just be on the lookout.  This is one of the reasons why buying a bug through us is great, we know exactly what to look for, we ask all the right questions.

We can always find a car for your budget, we do the searching, inspection, and whatever repairs are needed to get the car turnkey for ya.  =o)

A while back I put out a new video series on “WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR BEFORE BUYING A BUG.”  It is a 9 part series.  Check it out in that link.


Touching Family Video, bringing old cars back to the folks.

I know this is not a VW Bug video, but this is the kind of thing we like to do here at our shop.  We love restoring the bug for the folks.  Restoring them for the folks who grew up with them is the best feeling ever, it is nostalgic, and it is history in the remaking.

But this video just reminds me why I do what I do. Check it out HERE.


Ragtop Headliner DVD now instant downloadable course.

I put out a DVD a few years ago on ragtop headliner installation.
Now it is an INSTANT Downloadable course!


This DVD is still for sale (my best seller),  if you need help putting in a sunroof ragtop headliner for an early bug, that DVD/course is or you, click the link above for it. Now INSTANT DOWNLOAD.


Golden Oldie – 1952 VW Käfer Cabriolet in Nizza

Cool Video on this ’52 Vert, check it out!


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Last Updated: March 8th, 2013