Classic VW BuGs Heads to South Miami to the 2013 VolksBlast Air-Cooled show! Pt.1 & 2 Videos Out Now!

Added January 25, 2013 by Chris Vallone


That’s right, I headed down to sunny south Florida to attend this years VolksBlast VW show which was Sunday the 20th 2013.  It was time for me to get away and enjoy some sun and some VduB fun.  I brought my gear to film the event, so now that I am back in frigid NY, I have the video up in all it’s HD glory for ya. 

I was actually impressed with this show, the turnout was great, the location was real nice, and the there was a nice vintage presence thereI got to meet up with some great people, I will definitely be back next year.

Watch PT.1 & 2 Below. 


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Red Baron
Red Baron

I read somewhere on your site that a member loved the smell of his Beetle. I am very pleased to find someone other than me that enjoys that pleasure!

I don´t quite know what created that Teutonic smell but back when I had my ´63 Beetle, I could not get enough of that very special aroma!!

I have always been an absolute fanatic of VW´s, having owned first a 1945 split rear window, 1192cc, that had a starting handle, if needed, then the ´63 model in red, to a Type 3 Fastback in green.

I just lived for that very special sound the engine made when on song.

I now live in Spain and have toyed with the idea of trying to find an early Beetle (1950´s or early 60´s) but wonder if the temperatures we have here i Summer would make it uncomfortable without air conditioning?

Anyway, I am enjoying the site very much. Thank you for the professional input!