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Classic VW bugs Newsletter: TerryVille CT Convoy, Fall Foliage Beetle Cruise, Selling Engine Tar Boards Aug. 10th Newsletter

Here is what I have in store for you this week;

1. The CT Terryville Bug-A-Fair is this Sunday, join our convoy to the show!
2. Our 2nd Fall Foliage date is stamped in, mark your calendars
3. Selling engine tar boards
4. Tip! Prepping your engine case before rebuild
The CT Terryville Bug-A-Fair is this Sunday, join our convoy to the show!



We are once again doing a convoy trip to another Connecticut VW show this Sunday Aug. 12th, the Terryville Bug-A-Fair.  This show was rained out last year but it will definitely be on this year, the weather looks picture perfect.   More info on the show can be found HERE.

I just googled this show, and what comes up at the top of the page?  My video I shot of this event 2 years ago.  And people tell me video is not powerful!  Baloney, it is internet marketing at its best, HA!  See the show HERE.

We will be meeting at my shop between 7:30-8:00am and tootling straight to the show.  Please come prepared with a full tank of gas and whatever snacks and food you wish to bring.  We will stop along the way for a PIT STOP, then hop right back on the road.  I plan to bring my newly restored 1967 Savanna Beige BuG.


Our 2nd Fall Foliage date is stamped in, mark your calendars.

Saturday October 20th 2012 we will be having our 2nd Fall Foliage Cruise.  The route is TBD at this point, but please mark your calendars as we are having very special planned.  Nothing beats driving your DuB in the crisp fall NY air.


Selling Tar Boards

I get emails from time to time on what tar boards I am using for my VWs.  I actually make my own, it is a perfect tar board material that has a cross hatched look to it, it really gives some nice definition to the engine bay.  If anyone is interested in buying a set of tar boards which I have decided to sell, please paypal me $65.00 (which includes shipping) to


Tip! Prepping your engine case before rebuild

As you know we rebuild all of our engine for our beetles, but one tip I would like to discuss is engine case prep.  We actually send our cases out to a machine shop first to take a bath in their shop dish washers, then we sand blast the case to see if it is even worth rebuilding, check for stress cracks, things like that.  You would be surprised that many times the cases are A OK! Even these early ones we have been working on.

But once you have the case all cleaned up, now it is time for further inspection.  I recommend power washing the case first to get all the sand particles out of it.  Then, if you have an air compressor or know of someone who does, you need to blow out all of the oil galleries and passage ways of the block.  Many times we notice that dirt or dried up oil clogs those passage ways, they need to be free and clear for your engine to run efficiently.  You can find these small passage ways where the bearings sit and where the cam shaft sits.


Until then,  Have a great weekend,


Chris Vallone

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Last Updated: August 10th, 2012