Classic 1964 VW Beetle Bug Sea Blue Sedan

Added July 7, 2012 by Chris Vallone

Latest Update! This bug is SOLD, brand new ground up restoration on a beautiful show Car.  One of the cleanest cars we have ever done!  You can eat off those pans baby!

Sold to a great couple in San Diego!

Complete body off resto, jet black pans in and out.  Car has just been broken in, only a couple hundred miles on the complete rebuild 40hp motor. View the SLIDESHOW GALLERY of this baby!  You want this car! =o)  Just shot photos at the Harbors at Haverstraw showcasing this lil bad boy.  See the HD video too!

Call for details & pricing 845.290.9900



PICS updated 5/10/2012

Recently I took it upon myself to look on craigslist to see if there was anything out there in my 75 mile radius. I have been wanting a 2nd VW just for going out at night, take a gal out, something I would not be so afraid to drive or park anywhere. My ’55 I really can’t do that with. I was not looking to go through another major project, I have plenty of “Build-A-BuGs” going on right now. I was even just looking for something already done and just jazz up a bit, but most of the cars for sale that I was seeing were just not up to my standards.

Sure enough I found this lil ’64 on craigs and most of the really HARD WORK was done. The previous owner had done a body off resto replacing heater channels and floors, welded in new front firewall, rear shock towers under wheel wells, front wheel wells repaired, rear bumper bracket mounts, the list goes on and on. The car was already gutted, primed, and basically ready for paint. I said to myself, “PERFECT!” Called the guy up, made an appointment that day to see the car, and BOOM! I bought her.

We run into this many times, guys want to restore a beetle and they think it is just a weekend project. A weekend project turns into 3-5 years, they run out of funds and need to sell the car. It is a perfect time to snatch up the car for a bargain with almost all of the hard word done already.

This 1964 Beetle is that very car! I had to grab it, look what we have been doing below in the


She is done and looks F’in amazing!!  Everywhere I drive it people flock to it, can’t believe how clean it is.

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i have this exact car- colour , 1964 - ridiculous low mileage - under 36,000!

was perfect and show car 8 yrs ago - 

needs nothing really - 

immaculate inside

stunning!!!!! need to sell as my life is going in a new direction - looking for 7,000 canadian - first here gets it - we are in Niagara ontario canada - 

email me:


That's just how I got my little beauty! Guy went broke doing the resto and my husband stepped in and made an offer and zing!!! It was mine! You know the new ad on tv, where the guy is in the new black bug and everyone is "hi-5ing" him??? Well that is how it is for me every time I take mine out!