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My Classic Vintage VW Movement Beetle Bug T-Shirt Designs

As I stated earlier this year, it is my mission to keep the “Vintage Stock” Beetle Alive! As we go to shows or read magazines we can see that the “Custom” Bugs take over the Vintage Stock bugs. It seems that the stock look is going away by the way side, I would love a movement to change that and keep those Stock Vintage Buggies Alive!

I plan on having T-Shirts made for sale on this site for all who support the Vintage Stock look. Once we have them made up and you decide to purchase one, please take a photo of yourself next to your vintage ride and email me your story. I will post you on this site.

Below I have done some designs that I would like my supporters to see (YOU)! Send me your comments or suggestions.

T-Shirt FRONT:

Front Close:

T-Shirt Backs:




Please let me know what you think! Comments, Suggestions, or which one you think is best. I am ready to make these bad boys. We could also do white Tees.

Last Updated: January 19th, 2012