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Latest Build-A-Bug: Classic VW BuGs 1956 *Build-A-BuG* Beetle Project for Mike F.

Classic VW Bugs Newsletter; 69 BuG on eBay, Fuel Additive, and More…

Well Hey My VduB BuDs!

Xmas is almost here! CRAP! I still have to go shopping, haha =O)

What I have in store for you this week;
1. 1969 Delta Green BuG rockin it on eBay!
2. StarTron Fuel Additive
3. Shoemaker’s 2011 Interview Recap, yours truly is there.
4. Coil Resto
5. A VW show in Palm Beach? I’m thinking of it!
6. A Beetle Graveyard in “BugsVille”

1969 Delta Green BuG rockin it on eBay!

Last week I told ya that we had for sale on our site a 1969 Delta Green VW. Well I took it upon myself and launched it up on eBay. It has been a while since I listed a bug on there, but no worries I still got the touch. Auction went up this past Tuesday with a starting bid of $19.69. Well as of this morning we have over 100 watchers, over 800 hits, over 24 bids, and a 7k price tag with no reserve. How’s THAT for ya? =o)

If anyone is interested in this car, now is your time to take action, auction ends this Sunday the 18th at 10pm Eastern time or 7pm PST. If you need to see the car in person, tomorrow and Sunday we will be available to show the car. VIEW THE AUCTION HERE. Or call 845.290.9900

StarTron Fuel Additive
Many people ask me if I add any fuel additives into my VW tank. I do not add any octane boost, it is not needed if you are running a stock motor. But I do add StarTron fuel enzyme treatment.

It does exactly what it says it does, “Cures & Prevents ethanol Fuel Problems.” Up until last fall of 2010, there was 10% of ethanol going to the pump, now we hear 15% has made its way in there and most didn’t even know it. I hate the whole concept of ethanol, in my opinion it is a waste of time, money, and effort. Our VWs were doing ok with the 10%, but the 15% has shown its ugly head. Classic car forums across the web are voicing their concerns on this issue as well, it just is not good for our old cars.

Ethanol adds water build up in your tank, it can eat away at your fuel lines (which are not made for ethanol) and your fuel system in general. It makes our VWs run lean, running lean means running HOT for our motors, not good!

This StarTron stuff is pretty good, it can last you a while too. All you need is just a cap full each time you fill up, so one bottle can last a bunch of fillups. It basically eliminates the ethanol or takes it down to a much smaller %. I was noticing my 55 ragtop last summer running hot after a 20 min. run. Sure enough it was the friggin ethanol. You can get this product online or in your local quad 4×4 or snowmobile stores, this is where we found it. Your local autoparts stores like autozone might have it as well.

2011 Interviews on my BuDs Eric Shoemakers Site!
My good bud Eric Shoemaker and his site has put up all of the interviews he did this year of 2011, yours truly was one of the 1st to be interviewed by him. Eric is a veteran artist like myself and has the passion for the bug as well. He has interviewed folks from Wolfsburgwest parts, OldBuG, Lenny from West Coast Classics and more, it is interesting stuff. Check it our HERE “Vintage VW Interviews — The Archives”

Restoring VW Coils

Eric also got in touch with a guy named Eric Outland. Mr. Outland has been Restoring the old VW Coils that go into our beauties. You can check out more info here on Mr. Outland HERE.

A VW Show in Palm Beach!
If you do not know, my oldest sister has opened up a pizzeria & restaurant in Royal Palm Beach Florida called “Francescas.” She is still working on a site, but more info can be found HERE. A full video showcasing the restaurant is there too. We are thinking about having a VW cruise show there in her lot. Please pop me an email if anyone lives in or around the area that would be interested in dropping by for some good ole VW fun and grub! I plan on flying down for the event.


I came across this video this week on my net travels and it just made me sad. There are so many of these fields out there in the US that have these poor cars just rotting away. Why these guys do this is beyond me. Many of them do not even want to sell, some can’t even get access to the cars or know about them because the farm owners don’t want you to see them. It’s psychotic!!

But once they croak, the doors open to see what the pack rat had all this time. By that time the cars are so far gone and most if not all have to go to the junk yard for crushing. Too sad. I consider myself a VW historian and resto man! These cars need to back on the road.

Ok guys! Until then, have a great weekend.

Chris Vallone

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Last Updated: December 16th, 2011