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Jacob from the UK: A Fan of Classic VW BuGs

Hello! Greetings from the UK!

In the past i have thought about what my first car would be and i was thinking a more modern one, something popular among kids my age in the UK these days but then i started showing some interest in classic bugs and started to do my research. I found out that in England, the VW beetle is the cheapest car to insure for somebody of my age. I then stumbled across you’re videos on youtube, they’ve helped me so much. i went to visit 3 of Bugs that people were selling and they were all rust buckets! Thanks to your videos i knew where to look for rust hot spots and other important things to look at for when buying a Beetle.

Im very happy to say that i now own a 1974 Super Beetle 1303s. I would have prefered to get maybe a 68 bug but they are hard to find in good condition!
Still though, thanks to your videos i wasnt sucked into buying a Bug for ”Eye Candy”, getting one that looked nice on the outside but then infact was really rusty and needed alot of work.

You’ve passed on alot of information to me that is really hard to find in such detail anywhere else. I’m looking forward to the future when i know as much information as you do about these Bugs so i can pass it on like you!

I dont really know whats else i can put in this email to express how thankful i am for you passing on your information about these historical cars.

I guess the only thing i can say is ” Thank you Chris!” 🙂

From, Jacob.

Chris Vallone with one of his VW Bugs

Jacob, that was an awesome email, thanks so much for the kind words.

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Last Updated: September 15th, 2011