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1959 Euro VW Beetle BuG; Named “CrAsH”

Sold on eBay April of 2007

You don’t wanna know!! I drove this car 2 hours home after buying it and completely spun out on a major highway. I thought my life was over, this car was gonna flip and be totaled with me in it. Luckily the car did a complete 360 and I spun perfectly onto the shoulder of the road without a scratch.

A ’59 Euro Beetle that had semaphores to it and a brand new paint job. A complete sandblasted body off resto. Since freezing my butt off on the way home in the middle of March and coming close to death, crash didn’t sit well with me. Ha!! He was a beauty, but had to go. I narrated the video to this car in the auction and SOLD him eBay.

1959 Euro VW Beetle Sedan VIDEO

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