“How to Install your Multi-Piece Headliner” Downloadable Course for 1963 and Earlier VW Beetles

Looking to spruce up the interior on your pride and joy? Start with this Downloadable course and learn to use inexpensive tips and tricks to get the job done right!

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I finally got around to producing this 6 part video on Multi-Piece Headliner installation for 1963 and earlier Beetles. The entire course (video) runs about 2 hours and 7 min. I explain in full detail on how to go about getting that pro look in your early style Vintage Bug.

That’s right, no need to wait for the DVD! It is here now for you to view. Load it on your Droid, IPhone, IPad, and your computer screen.

A step by step visual guide to; Tear Down, Padding, Sound Deadening, Prep, and installing Headliner.

Course is $60.00 and is clickable in the link here CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COURSE.

The course is broken up into 6 chapters, each chapter is $10.00. You need to make an account and follow the on screen payment instructions.

Once you pay you can come back to it anytime you like within 60 days.
All of the 6 parts are available in the players below.

Sample 1 Video

Sample 2 Video

Pics of sample headliner below.

DSC09768 DSC09774