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Latest Build-A-Bug: Classic VW BuGs 1956 *Build-A-BuG* Beetle Project for Mike F.


Have a bug you need us to restore back to showroom condition? Let us know! Investment is based on the current condition of your car:

  • Good → Rusted-through: $45-65,000 (typical)
  • Excellent: $35,000+ (rare)

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You'd love a restored bug, but have no time to find one. We are experts not only in restorations, but also in connections to the bug world. We can work with our contacts to find you a bug suitable to your request. We collect a 15% commission.

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Besides our custom bug restorations, we also find bugs on our own to work on. We post our latest finds and rebuilds here so you simply need to just browse our current inventory and inquire. This is perfect for those just wanting a bug right now and don't want to wait for anything custom.

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What is "Build-A-Bug"?

View Our Latest "Build-A-BuG" Restoration Projects. We perform total ground up complete restorations. We specialize ONLY in the Classic VW Beetle. We take pride in every bug we produce and we know what is correct for your Vdub. We do not chop, cut, and or modify body structure in anyway. We prefer to keep the integrity of our bugs intact, this will only make our bugs appreciate in value year after year.

You are essentially driving off our lot with a brand new Classic VW Beetle! View some of our Full Restoration Galleries below.

1952 Split Window Beetle
1954 Ragtop Sunroof Beetle
1955 Ragtop Sunroof Beetle

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Classic VW BuGs Fan Mail Jason K and his 1964 Beetle

Classic VW BuGs Fan Mail Jason K and his 1964 Beetle

Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all the VW knowledge you put out to the world. My girls are 13 and 10 and love the VW hobby. You do such a wonderful job explaining the How-To’s and we wanted to let you know how much it means to us!! Thank you from St. Augustine, FL!!

Latest Classic VW Restoration Video

Classic VW BuGs How to Quick Fix Vent Window Seal Whistle for Beetle

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Here is a short video on fixing a common problem with VWs, and that is that notorious whistle you get every now and then from your vent windows. This is a quick and easy fix that looks great.

About Classic VW Bugs

We are a son and father team who love restoring Volkswagen beetles back to their original historical beauty. Whether it is nostalgia you are looking for, the thumbs up from other classic car owners, or just to enjoy its sheer artistic design, the VW Beetle will always make one's head turn and smile.

Look no further than the two of us, with years of experience, to restore your bug or sell you a completed bug.

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Classic VW BuGs Fan Mail from Down Unda 1967 Beetle and Accessories

Classic VW BuGs Fan Mail from Down Unda 1967 Beetle and Accessories

By Chris Vallone on 12/13/2017

Hi Chris, I own a 67 Beetle deluxe here on the Gold Coast ( Qld. ) Australia and she is my daily driver.  Her name is Agatha and she puts a smile on my face every day I turn the key and to most who see her getting around the coast here.  She is fully […]

Fan Mail Regarding your 1974 “Barb’s Super Beetle” restoration

Fan Mail Regarding your 1974 “Barb’s Super Beetle” restoration

By Chris Vallone on

I just wanted to personally thank you for sharing in great photo detail the restoration work that you do. I’ve watched many of your videos and such but always associated your work with ’67 and earlier Beetles and was very happy to see a Super restoration be documented in such detail.

Classic VW BugS New Beetle could be reborn as electric car

Classic VW BugS New Beetle could be reborn as electric car

By Chris Vallone on 12/07/2017

Volkswagen bosses are considering the future of the brand’s iconic Beetle. Small, impractical two-doors coupes are losing favor with buyers, so the solution for the next Beetle may be an electric-only model.