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Great Work by Antony Elliot a Classic VW BuGs Fan

Hi Chris,
I have contacted you before with regard to Bugs.
I was so impressed with the work and more importantly, the attention to detail you do, that it made me long to own another Beetle! So much so, that I was prepared to work with you to get a refurbished Bug over here to Spain.
However, in reality, I have a serious lung complaint, that I had reasonable control of until very recently, when I got a case of “shingles” (adult chicken pox). This reduced my immune system so much that I had to be hospitalized.
I am sorry to bore you with my health problems but that is exactly what happened. Because I am of an advanced age, it may not be possible for me to regain sufficient immune strength to drive again.
So, with great regret, I cannot pursue my original dream at this time. I am fascinated with your Newsletter and read it all from start to finish, every time you publish a new copy!
I think you do fantastic work and would and will promote your work to anyone that I meet that could be a prospective customer.
Yours sincerely,
Tony Elliott (Santiago de la Ribera, Spain)
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Last Updated: February 5th, 2014



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