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Alex, a follower of Classic VW BuGs shows off his work of a 1967 Beetle

Hey Chris, I know you’re a busy guy but I just wanted to share my bug with you. Like you, I have always considered myself an artist. I was going to school for industrial design, but the cost of the school ran me off and i found my new passion of painting and restoring cars. I’ve had a love of Beetles since I was a sophomore in high school and have wanted a green ’67 ever since. I’m 21 now and bought mine about a year and a half ago. Out of the factory, it was a Java Green car, but was a hideous single stage metallic green when I bought it. It did have a bit of rust, and the interior was thrashed, but….the guy was about to cut it up and make a baja bug…so I had to save it.


With the help of your videos I was able to restore the car entirely by my own efforts and am stoked with the results! I had already done a little work with classics, so I already knew how to paint them, but as far as interior/headliner/rubber/portawalls etc, I have you to thank! Your youtube channel has been an invaluable resource and I have all the respect in the world for you and what you do. I had originally wanted to go with a cal look car, but the more of your videos I watched, the more I wanted to bring it back to the way it was 50 years ago…so thats what I did. Sure, being my first solo restoration it tested my patience, but seeing the quality of your restorations gave me a goal to reach for. Its not on your level by any means, but they say an artist is his own worst critic. Over all, I wanted a presentable driver, and I did get that. I was finishing about the same time you were putting out videos of your green 67 which I thought was pretty awesome as well! Anyways, keep up the great work you do! I’ll be keeping up with it!



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Last Updated: September 15th, 2016