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Classic VW BuGs 1966 Sunroof Beetle Project


PIC UPDATE 10/19/17


Status: Awaiting Assembly, Motor Rebuilt

In the Summer of 2015 I came across this cool looking ’66 Sunroof bug on craigslist.  The car was already painted and ready for assembly.  Many times these are great projects to get in on, the major body work and paint is done, which can be super time consuming and expensive. 

I requested many pics of this bug to see how the paint work shaped up, and from what I saw, they did an outstanding job.  I could not just see this car up close and personal since it was in Seattle WA, so pics and speaking to the seller sold me.  Basically it was a project that ran out of funds to complete, but I am here to finish it up.

She has a beautiful metallic grey or gunmetal spray paint.  Not an original color, but something close to what they offered in the 50s.  I can see her with one of our signature interior kits.  I also tracked down a 1300 motor for this lil guy, since 1300 was a one year only for a ’66 in the USA.

We hope to jump in on this car sometime in 2016, we have a lot of projects on our plate, so if we get an opening we will work on it.

Stay Tuned…

Latest Video: Motor Bench Test

Currently waiting in shop for assembly.

PIC UPDATE 10/19/17


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Last Updated: November 15th, 2017