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Thank you for helping with my Aussie VW beetle resto


Dear Chris,
I am the owner of a 1964 beetle, my dad and I recently restored her. I wanted to thank you so much for your tutorials which enabled me to have the courage to restore the interior of my beloved bug 🙂

I watched many of the interior tutorials especially the replacement of the headlining, which was so very helpful.
Your videos are so good as you explain in detail and it is very understandable and they definitely gave me confidence to restore my own. Thanks so very much 🙂
My dad is a vintage car freak and has restored quite a few over the years. He stripped my car and repainted it.

I am on the other hand a professional dressmaker/pattern maker / artist, and love a challenge. So, I thought redoing the interior would not be too different from designing and making a wedding dress, lol…. Just one for a beetle! And I could not resist my artistic flair of being creative to make my beetle my own!
I would love to show you my pictures,


Dad and daughter VW beetle Resto, the process.

Thanks again for your help,
Kind regards,
Netty Kozlovsky. =o)


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Last Updated: December 17th, 2015