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Classic VW Bugs Newsletter; Litchfield CT 2012 BuG In Convoy, Product Review POR engine enamel

Happy Father’s Day Weekend my DuB BuDs!

Gonna make this one a quickie today, I hope…

Here is what I have in store for you;

1. Litchfield CT “BuG In” Show Convoy this Sunday (Fathers Day)
2. Product Review Engine Enamel from POR-15
3. My 1953 Getting painted

Litchfield CT. Bug In Convoy Sunday June 17th

This Sunday (Fathers Day) we will be doing a Meetup early morning at my shop 22 Burts Rd. Congers NY.  We will all be heading to the Litchfield “BuG In” at the Harwinton Fairgrounds, 201-232 Locust Road, Harwinton, CT.  More info can be found here. 

We plan to leave early and stop for breakfast at the Newtown Diner on 84E which is exit 10.  The diner is right off the ramp.  We plan to leave around 7:00-7:30am from my shop, travel an hour to the diner have breakfast, then continue onward to the show.

We should arrive at the show by 10am or so.  My video I shot of the Show Last year HERE.

This is a good show that comes around once a year, all VWs of all shapes and sizes attend.  It is about a 2 hour ride from my shop.  I would love to have a great convoy going to the show this year, it could be a great photo and video op.  I plan on hookin up my gear and shooting the ride in all HD glory. 

Weather looks perfect by the way, all sun and high 70s.  Please be at my shop early, again leaving by 7am or so.  Don’t worry if you have a show car or not, just bring your VduB, we’ll have fun, if you can’t meet at our shop, we should be at the Diner by 8-8:30am if you would like to grab us there.

This Saturday the 16th I will be attending another show at the Teterboro Airport in NJ called “Wings & Wheels.”  I am so looking forward to this show, on display will be old WWI, WWII fighter, and bomber planes.  More info can be found HERE on the show.  It would be cool to see some other DuBs there too.  I have a show full weekend ahead of me.

Product Review Engine Enamel from POR-15

From time to time I try out some new products to better my craft.  I have written before about Powder Coating Engine tins and chassis.  The final product looks great for powdercoating tins, we have a set here in the shop for a 36hp motor we are building and it is stunning.  Your motor could look like this…

Some people like it, some don’t.  VW never had their tins look this shiny, but if you have a show car why not right?  In the past I have just used good ole engine enamel rustoleum spray paint, it has been fine.  But I went onto to look at what paints they had, and sure enough they have a brush on engine enamel paint.  Brush on? Wouldn’t that leave stroke marks when it dries?  POR says “no” they have a leveler in the paint that dries the paint glossy FLAT, and I was told it looks dead on close to a powder coated tins.  Hmmm, powder coated look for 40 bucks? Not bad right? Well….

Ok so I said I’ll pay the 40 bucks or whatever and try it.  Well after sandblasting my tins & several attempts later, I come up with glossy brush stroked engine tins. I could not get them completely flat, I tried softer brushes, painted in optimal temperature, painted thin coats as I was told by POR, waited the 24hrs to dry, tried some more coats, etc etc.  Some of the areas looked ok, but not 100%  It shines nice but has stroke marks on them.  I do not know how much softer I can get.  I even tried sponge brushes, (recommended by POR)

If you want to paint it on heater boxes or something not really shown then I guess it is ok.  Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I followed their protocol all the way.  If anyone has used this product before and can suggest a tip on it, I am all ears.  In the end go with a good ole spray can in black from Rustoleum or Dupli Color, or if you have the bucks powder coat them.  I will say POR makes a Grey Manifold paint, this stuff I like and does pretty much what it states, dries flat and streak free, go figure.

My 1953 Getting painted

Yeah my next lil Pride & Joy Is just about done with paint this week, some lil finesse here and there and she should be ready for assembly soon.  Check out the L55 Maroon Red paint.  GALLERY HERE.

Don’t forget your Vintage VW Movement Tees HERE.

Until then, have a great Father’s Day Weekend, take your pop’s out!

Chris Vallone

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Last Updated: June 14th, 2012