Classic VW BuGs How To Shift Rod Beetle Bushing Replacement by EV4U

Added August 25, 2016 by Chris Vallone

Focus is on a Shift Rod Bushing replacement that is guaranteed for as long as you own your car.
Fits VW Bug 1949-74,
VW Ghia 1956-74,
VW Bus 1950-66,
VW Thing 1973-74

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Interesting but a few questions and "tips".

1.  Poor yourself a good strong cup of coffee, the narrator (instructor) ifs very knowledgeable but his slow, monotone presentation may have the same affect on you as it does when you rub an alligators belly...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....but again knowledgeable.

2.  I know he states the "bushing" is guaranteed for the life of the car and you'll never have to replace the "bushing" but my concern would be replacing the worn shifting rod itself or the hanger due to "metal on metal" rubbing (shifting rod on bushing) and simple hanger corrosion.

3.  It seemed that the shifting was much more tighter, smoother with the nylon bushing....appeared to be some play in the "metal" bushing.

Just my "2 Cents" worth.