Classic VW BuGs How to Install Pop Out Windows for Beetle Type 1 Sedan

Added August 18, 2016 by Chris Vallone

Here is a short video on “How to Install” the famous Pop Out Windows for your Vintage VW Beetle.  They are a great accessory and add great air flow through the cabin.  I feel they are especially necessary for Ragtop Sunroof VWs.  They also boost the value of your resto.


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My first '67 had them, but my current one does not.  It really makes a difference with ventilation.  Installing pop out windows is on my to-do list!


Tip for drilling into 2 layered panels.

So as to not drill into the second panel and only the first, slip a piece of tubing or vacuum hose over the drill bit with about 1/8" of drill bit showing. This way the tubing will limit the depth of the drilling.

Jim M