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Classic VW BuGs 1965 *Build-A-BuG* Beetle Project for Mike B.

1965 Build-A-BuG Project for Mike B!

Yet another 1965 restoration project makes its way to our shop Classic VW BuGs.

PICS UPDATED! 11/16/17

VIDEO UPDATE! 11/16/17
see below

STATUS:  Back to shop, Assembly ongoing!


What’s amazing about this car, is that it has never been restored, it came to us with original paint on it.  The owner of this bug last drove it and parked it in the 1980s.  He learned to drive with this ’65 bug.  We will be doing a body off restoration with this baby.  There is “some” rust that needs some new metal, floors, shock tower areas, bumper support bracket areas, etc.  But nothing we can’t handle! =o) 

Sea Blue is one of my favorite VW colors, I can’t wait to jump in.   Project is slated to be completed by 2017.

Stay Tuned!

PICS UPDATED! 11/16/17



Media Blasted 3/16/17

Body Down 11/16/17


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Last Updated: November 16th, 2017