Classic VW BuGS Chris Vallone Awarded Heroes of Antique Volkswagening from Common Gear

Added May 22, 2014 by Chris Vallone

A Plaque Award received in the mail this week?

I received a Plaque in the Mail this week from the “Common Gear” VW group.

“Heroes of Antique Volkswagening” recognition for this year!


This was a nice surprise! Never thought I would have gotten something like this, I am honored to accept the award, thanks so much guys!  This is great.  =o)

It is my passion and drive to serve the VW folks and get these historical cars back on the road.

Thanks Again!

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Hi - Just back from Valencia . Bought the car. I think it is really nice, but I am not an expert. attached some pictures. Well is not like the red one you bought with 8.000 miles but is in good shape. Some strange aspects found such as the long lights that need to be turn on near the left pedals, down ( is this normal ? ) Engine start is with the  key and then I have to push a button . Claxon is not working too well, but they will fix t for me. interior seems to be in good shape and clean. Labels with production serie in front and under the back seat. All elements authentic, except the radio , which I will try to find a real one in the future. Motor in great shape, working well. It is a marvelous machine , and sounds great . The colors are these originals?? it is repainted but no spray detected in windows etc ( I saw all your videos !! ). Chromes are ok , but could be better , maybe will redo in the future.  Need minor details but general good shape. And good price. Will receive the car late August and then will send you a video if you want. Any suggestions from your side more than welcome !! and tks for your great help , this is a wonderful passion !! Let me know your thoughts . 


Hi , Congratulations. I am e mailing you from Madrid - Spain. You are doing excellent job in training us on al the VW. I am 50 years old and half german , half spanish. Always remind my family in germany driving these cars… and tomorrow I am traveling to buy a Beetle 65's one ( hope everything goes fine !!! ) .  VW is 63.000 km and seems to be in great shape. will send you pictures and if one day you come to Spain , more than welcome to show it to you !!