Classic VW BuGs 1956 Oval Window Black Beetle FOR SALE!

Added March 22, 2014 by Chris Vallone


This Classic Black on red 1956 Oval Window Beetle is just gone up for sale.  This was a car we found in Naples Florida, I flew down to see this car up close and personal and I had to have it.  This is a beautiful show piece VW BuG.  Paint is awesome, all new interior we put in it, all the mechanicals check out, whole new braking system, full detail on the engine compartment, new stainless moldings, seals, new tires, etc.

This car was already painted when we got it, we went through the car and made sure everything checked out along with the upgrades that we did.

Slideshow Photo Gallery Can Be Seen HERE.

Please call to inquire 845.290.9900

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I am very interested in the black 56 beetle. Would like to know what you are asking for it. Thanks!



does the first $500 take it?  lol Isn't that what bugs go for?  Love it Chris, Exact black I am looking for, just want it two toned with white.  At least that is what I am doing with my 71.  Thanks for the share.