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1955 VW Beetle BuG Convertible sells for $82,500 at RM Auctions


Last week in my newsletter I posted about a real nice 1955 Convertible Beetle that was crossing the auction block at RM in Amelia Island.  Well I am here to report that the car sold for a staggering $82,500!  I know the split window convertibles have been pulling some hefty coin as well, but the oval window era is climbing right behind them.  Investing into a vintage beetle is not only fun, but a safe conservative investment as we are seeing.

To point out, you also do not have to be so anal with correctness!  This car would have never been offered Strato Silver on a convertible in 1955.  If you read the description on the car off of the RM site, they mention “metallic silver blue.”  So they kind of skew that info, but it is clearly Strato Silver, I should know I restored one in that color. They say it is period correct all around, but it is not.  Leather interior would not have been offered either.

Regardless, VWs seem to sell well as long as they stay with the “Vintage Stock Look.”  There is elbow room for creativity in our lil DuB world.  I am a testament to this,  I will change a few characteristics on a VW if it makes it more classy and more desirable.   You can see what I mean by looking at my cars in the “previously sold” section on my site.
More pics on this car can be seen on the RM website HERE.

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Last Updated: March 13th, 2014