Classic VW BuGs makes the 1st Issue of Volksamerica!

Added February 28, 2014 by Chris Vallone

Just got the memo this morning from a cool friend of mine Jeremy Noble who owns “,” he has now created an independent VW US magazine called Volksamerica!  My 1952 Split Window Zwitter Beetle made the premiere issue.  I can’t thank him enough.


We need another US magazine here in the states, the only option we have is HotVWs.  I loved it when we had VW Trends back in the day.

Right now the issue is free to read and is in digital format!  This seems to be a good trend with these magazine.  Now I do not have to have piles of back issues laying around my house.

Check it out here, scan through it, my ’52 Beetle is about mid way through.

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