Classic VW BuGs VolksBlast 2014 Miami Florida HD VIDEO Air-Cooled Show

Added February 14, 2014 by Chris Vallone


I had a blast down in Miami 2014 with the VW Volksblast Air-Cooled Car Show.  The scenery is awesome, the atmosphere is great, and yeah I got away from NY WINTER for a few days.

I also met up with a (client of mine) now good friend Marine Frank Weber who had us do a 1967 VW for him.  Frank had the car shipped just in time for the show!


I put this video together for all to see in HD Glory!  Make this bad boy FULLSCREEN will YA?! =o)

Enjoy the show!

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Awesome Chris, nostalgic for me as I have owned just about every model you show.  Only have a Type 2 and Thing at the moment, both cherry and authentic.  Love your site, thank you!!!