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Classic VW BuGs Presents! Beetle Documentary Film “Once More,” the Story of 1955 VIN 903847

I came across this Documentary recently through my Vintage VW Travels on the internet.  This is an amazing film story of a 1955 VW Beetle that has been around the world.  You name it, it has been in so many remote places of the globe.  To own a car like this would be fantastic.  Just think of the pictorial history the car has, the miles it has covered!  If you had this car, NEVER SELL IT! haha Well… everything has a price tag right?

We actually came across a Beetle like this in the summer of 2013. Me and my good friend Lucky Larry found a 1955 Beetle Ragtop (that we are currently restoring) in RI that has had a similar history to it. Larry’s car has also seen much of the world. You can see the 4 part video HERE on that car.

Watch “Once More,” the Story of 1955 VIN 903847 below!

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Last Updated: September 19th, 2017