Classic VW BuGs, 1966 Sunroof Beetle Java Green “Find-A-BuG”

Added January 13, 2014 by Chris Vallone

Look what just entered the shop today!  This lil baby found ME.  =o)


Just signed on!  Next in our “Find-A-BuG” lineup.  Stay tuned for progress pics.

This is a beautiful 1966 1300cc Java Green Sunroof Beetle that just entered our shop today.  This is an all numbers matching car, body, chassis, motor all match.  If you do not know, 1966 Beetles were a one year only beetle here in the USA, this is the only year they offered a 1300cc motor.   It is also the last of the 6 volt systems.

The car does need some mechanical work, but nothing real extensive.  The car was repainted (the original color) at some point within the past 5 years or so.  This car will be show worthy with a polish and wax and clean up, it looks awesome.

For details call me 845.290.9900

We plan on tearing out this hideous interior:

And replacing it with a kit that I have had at my shop hand sewn from sewfine (brand new) below, or we can get whatever to your liking.


Check out how solid the car is.

Wheel wells are all clean and painted the Java Green, no undercoating anywhere.

Full Gallery Slideshow HERE.

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Hey Chris...nobody sign on yet?  I'm trying to convince my wife to let me buy her an older beetle...what would it take to sign on?


Do you have to put the panel in before you install the seal, and also how much should the seal stick out the top when you install it.



I have a 67 bug with a sunroof, and i was wondering is there a specific way the felt for the sunroof is suppose to be installed.

classicvwbugs moderator

@hamiltonjoe1950 In the ad it states "just signed on"  so it is taken.  What do you want?  I can find you anything you need.  Give me a call, we can discuss.

classicvwbugs moderator

@808davis You have two pieces of felt right?  They should join in the back part of the opening.