Classic VW BuGs 2013 So Cal Vintage Volkswagen Beetle Air-Cooled Treffen

Added September 18, 2013 by Chris Vallone

My trip to the 2013 So Cal Vintage Treffen Show was awesome.  I filmed so much footage the whole weekend and condensed it down for you to view.

The Vintage Treffen is a show where only 1959 and earlier VWs are welcome, and is held once every other year in So Cal.  I filmed the 2011 show and is available here on my site.

This is my favorite show in the USA.

Here are the videos below of the show in 4 parts.

Part 1: Friday, we visit Lenny’s West Coast Classic Restoration Shop!

Part 2: Saturday, Cars & Coffee in Irvine

Part 3: Saturday, Speedwell Rallye

Part 4: Sunday, Day of Show

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Again Chris, your emails are a great start to my mornings and they "get me back going" when it comes to working on my "65"....they're like watching or seeing those "exercise" commercials on exercise, then you stop, then you see the add and say:  "Hey, I got to get back into it"...well, when I see your builds, your tips, and all those clean VW's...I finish my coffee and go back into the garage...your (videos) are very inspirational.  As for Lenny's Garage...very cool.  I made the trek to LA from Ohio in 1969....3 weeks after I graduated from High School (I know - older guy here), made it in a 1968 Triumph TR6 (buddies car - he went with me and is still out there)....was going to make it big in the entertainment biz....well, here I am back in you know how that worked out.  Anyway Chris....thanks for the videos, your adventures, your builds, your I stated before;  they're a great start to my Friday - looking forward to the weekend mornings.  Take care.  P.S.  End of season Swap Meet coming up the 18-20th of this month in my area...who knows what will end up in the back garage.


Buenisimo,al verlo quisiera estar en el evento.


hey! you should have taken me as your good luck gnome! and it would have been better! LOL!


Just a quick question ---what year were pop-out rear windows really available ---to me it was the mid 60's ---however I see them in all years at this show - on ovals and split windows

classicvwbugs moderator

@ljsyring1 They were always available, even back in the split era.  It was always a dealer option