Hugh’s 1965 Classic VW Beetle *Build-A-BuG* Project COMPLETED!

Added July 31, 2013 by Chris Vallone

Pics Updated 10-1-15

Car is Finished!


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Final Pose Video HERE

Walk Around Finished BuG
Part 1

Part 2

Received this 1965 VW from a cool guy named Hugh from upstate NY.  This is a cali car up and down, so this is a dry solid car, and a great candidate for a “body on restoration.”  No floor or heater channel work needed.  We should be jumping on this car sometime next year, our list grows.

Hugh opted to go for a color change offered in 1965 for his car, Ruby Red, one of my favorites.



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classicvwbugs moderator

November 3, 2015

Dear Chris,

The purpose of this letter is to document just how happy I am with my just completed 1965 ruby red “Build a Bug”.I’ve had the bug for a month and honestly I think it is better than my original ’65 was when new.Bravo Maestro! The looks and comments I get are priceless.It was worth the long wait!

Speaking of the wait, I’m so grateful for your suggestion that I use ‘Find a Bug’ to find me an interim bug….. you found me a beautiful ’66 blue bug that scratched the itchuntil my ’65 was done.

When my restoration bug was finished, we were able to sell that bug for essentially the same price I paid for it two years prior. A win-win !

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you and your Dad not only create beautiful VW classics but you have created a VW community. Your passion is contagious with weekly newsletters, videos, “V Dubs and Coffee”sessions and the Fall Cruise.

I’m so happy I found you and Classic VW Bugs.

Thank you,