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My Classic 1967 VW Beetle BuG L620 Savanna Beige SOLD!

CAR IS COMPLETED! SOLD May 2013! I will Miss Cappy.

New Owner Mark Williams takes it off the truck in Kansas.

Found this car on craigslist, price looked right, pics looked pretty good, and it was only about an hour from me in Westport CT.

I love doing the hunt online and finding a real gem in the rough. Many bugs you see today (about 90% of them) are usually hacked up, numbers don’t match, heavily tampered with, parts are missing etc. So when you do find one, it is something you can’t pass up if the price is right.

I hate to say it, but I was actually just looking when I drove out to take a peek at this car. Well, she won me over. It was so complete! Rust Free and dry too! 1967s are a tough year when it comes to parts, but this one has them all, all original and intact. So many of the parts are going right back on the car when assembly begins. I thought about just selling the car the way it is, so I put it on the market about a month or so and we really had no bites.

In today’s day, many people do not want a car that needs work done. If they do, they want to pay DIRT for it. I know the true potential behind this car, so I am diving right in.

Take a peek at the resto pics below.


or see the Shutterfly Virtual Scrapbook HERE.



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Last Updated: June 5th, 2017