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John Culp from Phoenix gives a big thanks!

Hi Chris,

Took delivery of the bug this past Sunday. It had to be towed because it won’t run or idle very well at all. My boys and I started from the bottom and went up. Verified location of TDC on cylinder #1 with the “pencil in the spark plug hole” trick, Valve adjustment, cleaned and adjusted plugs, 2 spark plug wires were switched around :(, adjusted points, checked carb settings. It fired right up!!! Runs like a top!

A month ago, I knew nothing about these engines except how to change the oil!

Thank you again for sharing your passion and enthusiasm with your videos and responses to emails! I truly appreciate it! If you’re ever in Phoenix, let me know. I’ll buy you lunch!

Just wanted to provide a little feedback.

John Culp


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Last Updated: May 19th, 2013



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