John Culp from Phoenix gives a big thanks!

Added May 19, 2013 by Chris Vallone

Hi Chris,

Took delivery of the bug this past Sunday. It had to be towed because it won’t run or idle very well at all. My boys and I started from the bottom and went up. Verified location of TDC on cylinder #1 with the “pencil in the spark plug hole” trick, Valve adjustment, cleaned and adjusted plugs, 2 spark plug wires were switched around :(, adjusted points, checked carb settings. It fired right up!!! Runs like a top!

A month ago, I knew nothing about these engines except how to change the oil!

Thank you again for sharing your passion and enthusiasm with your videos and responses to emails! I truly appreciate it! If you’re ever in Phoenix, let me know. I’ll buy you lunch!

Just wanted to provide a little feedback.

John Culp


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