Classic VW BuGs How to Install New Valve Guides in Beetle Ghia Bus Motor Heads

Added February 22, 2013 by Chris Vallone

In this short tip I show how to remove old VW valve guides and install new ones.

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 also never reuse an exhaust valve bc they are always the first to fail and thoroughly check any old intake valves i.e head diameter, overall length, stem diameter, margin, and face angle.  Tolereances are very tight...Out spec worn valves will lead to future dispair and major expensive repair when that valve you reused but shouldn't have breaks off and goes through the piston top.  When you put that old valve on the drill and sanded it you decreased its diameter if it was already decreased from engine wear you just made it worse! vw specs say you can reuse a valve worn up to .003" but .001" is the max I would use... worn stems out of tolerance will cause the motor to burn oil, you will also loose compression, have poorer fuel milage, decreased horsepower and last but not least premature wear on the valve stems and those nice new guides you just installed. Cylinder head work is the most important part of the engine especially on the older ones where you want as much get up and go as possible especially when you are trying to get on the highway and the car you're driving has 25 or 36 hp lol. Hope that head was not for a customer. Tom Wilson's book "how to rebuild your vw motor" is essential reading.


I just watched this video and I am amazed at the "proffesional" advice I heard... I noticed dad hit the cumbustion chamber with the hammer when the guide finally dropped out. you can't do any damage to that area...the proper way to remove the guides is to first ream them out with a step drill bit.  This relieves the pressure on the guide wall by making it thinner do not drill it all the way... stop about a 1/4 inch from the end, then use a step punch that fits into the guide but is not wider than the guide hole a few light taps and she's out and less chance to accidentally hit the head This process uses about 10 dollars worth of common tools.  also your installation procedure would be better if you didn't sand the guide and instead put them in the freezer for an hour and the heads in the oven 250 degrees or so for the same time... guides contract and heads expand... use step punch and hammer and they go right will need some oven mits lol...

Robby Comstock
Robby Comstock



I do not understand why you had to tap the guide to get it out.  Please explain.




classicvwbugs moderator

 @Robby Comstock To replace your old guides, you need to tap them out.  They will not come out by hand, it is pressed in.