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Thanks again for your help! Larry Franklin, a Classic VW BuGs Fan

Dear Chris,

A little less than a year ago I sent you an email with some sad news of my cousin Tonya Renee Pannelli passing away in a car accident. Tonya was a huge classic Beetle fan and I picked up a ’66 Beetle to build in her memory. Two weeks after her funeral I had a slightly rusted an unfamiliar car in my driveway. I have built mostly muscle cars in the past and had no idea where to begin with this air-cooled engine.

Your how-to videos helped me learn on the fly from everything from engine removal to secrets how to reinstall windshield seals. (The weed-eater line worked perfect by the way!) I also learned from a friend some tips on rust repair and after many practice pieces of panels laying outside his shop, I spent two and a half months doing body work and painted the car myself.

This car has been a pleasure to build and I have made some great friends in the VW Community along the way. I also had an angel decal made of Tonya for the air cleaner. I’ve included some pics of Tonya with her ’68 Beetle, a during paint pic, and a completed picture.

Thanks again for your help!, Larry Franklin






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Last Updated: January 7th, 2013