Simon, owner of a 1962 VW Beetle BuG and 65 Bus

Added January 6, 2013 by Chris Vallone


Finally was able to do my valve adjustment on my 62 bug. I was also able to confirm that I had done a good job at timing my engine as well. The nut and fat head screw gave me a little fits as I tried setting them tight after I used my …6 filler gauge. Anyhow, just wanted to thank you for the great videos you have out there bro. Its been hard for me to find a reliable mechanic and so I’m on a mission to try and learn how to do things myself. Hope I wasn’t bugging you to much for follow up advice; I know you’re a very busy person. Take care and keep them videos coming. Oh, my next thing is getting rid of “massive” steering wheel play. You gotta put out a “how to” video on that bro!

62 beetle

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