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Latest Build-A-Bug: Classic VW BuGs 1956 *Build-A-BuG* Beetle Project for Mike F.

SOLD! My Vintage 1955 Ragtop Sunroof VW Beetle Bug

SOLD!  Gosh I am gonna miss this car.

*HotVWs Feature Spread Oct. 2012 issue!

* Concourse 1955 Ragtop, feature front cover of magazine. (magazine below) Concours D’ Elegance accpetance in Fairfield CT (1st time ever a bug was accepted).Video Below.

* Complete body off resto, full leather bound coffee table style book goes with the car showing all of the restoration from start to finish. (Virtual Book below)

* Original Bill of Sale from 1955. We also have the wolfsburg birth certificate that goes with the car.

– Currently this 1955 Ragtop of mine is my “Pride & Joy,” “my bestest friend.”  For years I dreamed of having a late ’54 or early ’55 ragtop bug.  Why do I like this era? Because they had many rare features on them that are overlooked by others.  For six months only in the US, the bug had the “Egg” or “Bubble” tail light in late ’54 to around May of ’55.  Those tail lights are not the best when it comes to safety, but they just look awesome and are rare.  Production numbers of this car were low, only 6 months, and ONLY IN THE US!  Many would debate that this era of the oval window bug is the most collectable, even against the ’53 oval.

So those ‘Egg” lights with a 3 fold ragtop sunroof, ribbed doors, semaphores, “H” pattern seats, and batwing steering wheel, my dreams seemed far off in the distant to actually own one of those bugs.  I would browse the web daily for one only to be disappointed by price, hack pimped out jobs, nothing matching or original, crucial parts missing etc.

I had my work cut out for me to find this car.  But one day, a dream came true, and I did not find the car I wanted, the car found ME!

I got a call from a stranger… and that stranger was only 15 min. from my biz.  It doesn’t get any better than that, I stopped what ever I was doing and ran over to this guys home.  I bought this car without hesitation.  After I bought her, the bonuses peeked there heads out… Original Bill of sale from 1955, Wolfsburg Birth Certificate ordered in the 70s, extra parts, you name it!

This car has treated me so well all through the resto, going to shows, write ups, visitors, the notoriety, etc.

View the virtual Scrapbook below of where this car was parked for 30 years (under a tree) and see the full transformation to what she is today. Or see the photo gallery I set up HERE on this site.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Shutterfly photo books offer a variety of layouts and cover options to choose from.

Read the rest of the story below as the “Feature front cover Article” in the January 2012 issue of Air-Cooled Classics Magazine.

You can also download the PDF Version of the mag HERE. Or Click the Pic below.


September 2011, we get accepted to the FairField Concours D’Elegance

This I never expected, to be invited to attend such a prestigious show, and to boot, it was the first time they accepted a VW Beetle.

I will have a video out shortly on the event, I shot all the footage I just have to edit it.  Wayne Carini from “Chasing Classic Cars” came over and met with my Pops and I and commented on the bug as well. We drew such a crowd at one point, it was intense. There were Million $$ cars around us and more people came to gather around our VW, it was nutty! I guess more people can relate to the BuG! It was a beautiful day, something I will always remember.  Video Below.


For more information about the event, visit the

The Next Pride & Joy???  Well, we found a ’53 ragtop, restoring it now!   =o)

See pics of the ’53 resto going on now HERE.

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Last Updated: October 29th, 2012