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On Sale! Vintage VW Volkswagen Beetle Bug Engine Insulation Tar Boards

These are vintage style Engine Tar Boards for your classic VW Beetle Bug. These are made in house at in Congers NY.

Some trimming may be required depending on your year bug.

The pattern on the boards brings your engine bay to life and is similar to the pattern they used in the early years. Make your BuG look Classy with these Tar Boards.

$80.00 for 3 piece boards and FREE shipping (inside Continental USA only)
If you live outside the USA, shipping costs will be factored in.

Here is how to install them:



From Abi Maldonado


We spoke on the phone last week about these tarboards I had ordered. I was able to get them with no problems and I installed them today. I had previously ordered a different set from another company and I am kicking myself for not watching your video first and then finding out you guys sold your own. I wouldve saved myself a lot of time and money having gone with yours first. They went in with no problems. I had to cut holes in them because I have a 70, but they went in and I was able to mount them on the spikes and they just look great. I wrote to be just another of the many e-mails Im sure you receive to say thank you. It was a pleasure speaking to you on the phone and your product was excellent.

-Abi Maldonado

P.S.- The other tarboards didnt actually go to waste. I wound up using them inside instead of that godawful insulation in the luggage area. Coupled with the QuickRoof I had installed back there thanks to your other video, should really make the interior a lot quieter. Thanks again!

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Last Updated: February 18th, 2014