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ClassicVWbugs Newsletter; New Vid Tip, Seinfeld in a Split, my 67, & Aug. 5th Volkswagen Gathering

Happy Friday My VduB NuTs!

This is what I have in store for you this week;

1. I have a new How to Video on Tidying up your wires
2. Funny Video with Seinfeld in a Split window BuG
3. Updates on my 1967 Savanna Beige Bug
4. Reminder two weeks from this Sunday, Aug. 5th Gathering

“How to Tidy up your Wires”

New Video this week on how to keep your wiring harness clean in your vintage VW.  I found these cool little mounting bases at Home Depot and thought they could be real handy to keep your wires nice, snug, and orderly within your VW. 

Now I know many times you do not see your wires in your VW, but I always like to take pics along the way of my restorations and present them to the folks later on.  People marvel at the photos when they see how neat and clean you really are and what kind of effort you put into the resto.  This is just one way to keep your BuG or Ghia or Bus’s wires nice and neat.  SEE THE TIP BELOW.

Funny Video with Seinfeld in a Split window BuG

The quality of the video is great, the writing? Well… just mindless dribble.  My question to Jerry is… Why lower a 52 split window bug? C’mon BuD! Ah it is all good. :o)  It is stock all the way around but the front end is lowered.  No worries, enjoy the show! :o)

Updates on my 1967 Savanna Beige Bug

My good friend Eric Shoemaker of has given his followers an update on the progress of my weekend project, this savanna Beige 1967 Beetle.  I have named him Cappy, short for Mr. Capuccino.  You can see Eric’s story on it HERE.

I have updated pics of the car on my site HERE.  I should be getting my new interior in today, and will jump on it this weekend again.

Reminder!! Two weeks from this Sunday, Aug. 5th Gathering at my shop.

Another Air-Cooled gathering at my shop Sunday Aug. 5th from 10am-whenever.  We do this gathering on the 1st sunday of every month during the warm months through to the fall here in NY.  Come one come all! Any air-cooled VW ride is welcome, show off your DuB, mingle with the folks, chat with fellas that worked for VW back in the HAY DAY.

I will be having some new projects of ours on hand that just came back from the paint booth, my 53 rag will be present.  Would love to hear your thoughts on our work. Any questions email me or call 845.290.9900.

Until then,

Have a great Weekend!

Chris Vallone

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Last Updated: July 20th, 2012