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Classic VW BuGs Newsletter; Two new video Tips, 1967 Find, & Project Updates

Happy Friday my VduB BuDs!


We are in MID July already, here is what I have in store for you this week;

1. Two new videos by ME, one on

     “Where I get my parts”?

      the other “How to get RID of Ethanol?”

2. New 67 Project I found!
3. Bound Brook NJ “Show-N-Shine” show this Sunday
4. Latest Project updates, new Build-A-BuGs hit the line-up


Two New videos on sourcing parts and getting rid of the horrendous ethanol.

Ok so one of the emails I get on a consistent basis is when someone asks me “Chris, where do you get your parts from?”  One thing we have going for us these days when it comes to restoring our treasured VWs is the internet.  Google is a household name now, so make it your friend!  15-20 years ago when it came to restoring these cars, you had to resort to catalog ordering. 


Finding rare parts was way more difficult, you either had to go to a swap meet or ask around or find a junk yard.  Now the internet has put a lot of that type of searhing to rest.  Buying new parts has gotten even better these days.  I use two parts suppliers religiously.  

The other video I have is how to get rid of the CRAP mixture called Ethanol that is in all of our gas pumps.  Does your motor run hot? Does it lose power? Might not be you, it could be ethanol. 


New 67 Project I found! Already Back From Paint Shop

A couple months ago I browsed the web on craigslist and found a cool ’67 bug sitting in Westport CT.  It was a saturday afternoon and I was taking the day off, I felt like going out for a hunt, kinda like an American picker! :o)  So I took the drive out to see it, took only an hour, and found a super solid all original 1967 Beetle, I had to buy it.  I got it for a great price.  It is not my favorite color combo, but just smelling the inside is all part of the time machine experience, I was sold on it.  

Just like my ’55, the last owner told me about some paperwork he had after I bought it, sure enough he pulls out the original window sticker from 67 and past service records. He tells me “not sure if you want this or not.”  “Are you crazy! Of course I want it.”  On the inside. haha  :o)  Damn I love this job.

You need to understand that having docs like that, is like GOLD.  These are very valuable pieces of history you need with your car if they are available.  So many people who own these car think nothing of them. 

The car is so straight!  I tried selling it as a survivor on my friends site, but we had no takers.  So I said screw it, lets just restore it, shouldn’t be too bad to do. In a day and a half I had the car all stripped and gutted, I dropped it off to paint last week, and I already have it BACK.  I think this was the fastest paint job I have ever had done on a car. 

I tried out this new painter in Nyack NY, his name is BEN!  The work he did is fabulous.  He was begging me to send him work, I never used him before, so I am always looking to help people out and give them some biz.

All the great 1 year only parts are practically all there on this lil GEM.  Many are going right back on the car.

Check out the pics here of the 1967 Project.  If anyone wants to see Ben for some paint work, LMK, he’s GOOOOD!!


Bound Brook NJ “Show-N-Shine” show this Sunday

The Central NJ VW Society is putting on their annual VW show this Sunday in Bound Brook NJ.  Weather permitting I will be cruisin down there.  If anyone in the area wants meet at my shop to convoy or meet up on 287 south, LMK.  More info and flier HERE.
I shot a nice video of the show last year

I plan on being there between 10-11am with full camera gear.


Latest Project updates, new Build-A-BuGs hit the line-up

A 1974 Super Beetle for AMY from RI

A 1967 Project for an awesome Marine named Frank in South Florida

Pic Updates for Jo’s 1956 Ragtop Beetle Build-A-BuG


My 1953 Ragtop should be coming back to shop beginning of next week, all painted ready for assembly.

We are using a great veteran painter on this car and future cars of ours, he works on our cars and ONLY our cars.  He was right under my nose, 5 min away from my shop. I used to cut his lawn over 20 years ago with my PoP.  His name is Rob, he’s killer.


Until then, have a great weekend,


Chris Vallone

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Last Updated: July 13th, 2012