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Frank’s Classic 1967 VW Beetle BuG Sedan Restoration * Build-A-BuG * Project

Pics Updated 1/22/14


Here is another “Build-A-BuG” turned into more of a “Find-A-BuG”  project we will be working on, a Classic 1967 VW Beetle Bug for a cool US Marine from FL.

Frank opted for a black car, so we were able to find him a 67 that is already pretty much completed, we will just be changing the interior for him, going through all the mechanicals, and detailing the motor.  The car will be completed faster for him, and for less than what a “Build-A-BuG” would cost.

1967 is a special year for many, and many believe to be the best year for the beetle.  Why? Because you have the best of both worlds, you have a great 1500cc motor to keep up with today’s traffic, a 12v system, and the car still retains the classic look.  1967 is also a tough year when it comes to parts, there are one year only features on this car, so sourcing the right parts can be a challenge.

Thankfully this car is mostly complete.  I am honored to do the work.

Stay tuned!






Last Updated: January 23rd, 2014