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Classic VW BuGs Newsletter; USA TODAY story on US and our Beetles, New Vid tip on Steering Box, & Vintage Flare!


Good Day my VduB BuDs!

4th of July Weekend here in the US, so I will try to keep this quick;

Here is what is in store this week;

1. Pops and I hit USA Today Paper this past Monday
2. Vid Tip on Adjusting Steering Box
3. My bud Eric Shoemaker with some NOS Vintage detail




Pops and I hit the USA Today paper this past monday on the 1st of July. Our local paper did a story on us at the end of May here in my county, we made the front page top fold.  So USA today grabbed that story and ran it in their “Money” section.  USA today is a national paper, so the feedback was huge, we are just finally starting to wind down from the emails and phone calls we have been getting hit with about our “Build-A-BuG” program all week.

You can see the Full Story HERE.

New Video Tip on how to adjust your steering box

Decent video on how to adjust your steering box.  I think every steering box we check here in my shop from a bug we just bought or was shipped to us, never has any oil in it, be sure to check the oil level, it should be right below the threads on the box itself. It just wasn’t something you did back in the day, out of sight out of mind.

The video shows how to adjust the screw to tighten up the play in the wheel.  You should have about an inch of freeplay in your wheel when done.


My good friend Eric Shoemaker from has come up with some cool things to sell to give the “correctness” back to your vintage beetle.  Impress those judges when you go to your next show.

All NOS;




Restored German Short Black Coils


*NEXT CLASSIC VW BUGS GATHERING August 5th 2012 from 10-1pm, open house of shop, see the latest projects we are working on, come join us for our monthly gatherings showcasing all air-cooled rides.*

Until then,

Have a great Weekend!


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Last Updated: July 6th, 2012