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Classic VW BuGs Newsletter, VW Gathering Open House July 1st, New VID TIP on Axle Nut.

Happy Friday My VDuB BuDs!

July is upon us, Summer is here in the states.

Here is what I have in store for you this week;

1. Our July 1st Vintage VW Open House Gathering is ON this Sunday
2. Air Cooled Classics Magazine Showcases some of my Video Work
3. New Vid Tip on “How to Remove your VW Axle Nut”
4. Proof of the VW Appreciating in Value

THIS Sunday July 1st Classic VW Bugs Gathering at shop.
Vintage DuB Open House Show gathering at my shop this Sunday July 1st 10-1pm

Free to all, no judging, no trophies!  I am hoping to have some special goodies on display, please stop by.

Come one come all! Mark your calendars, Summer Kick – Off Air-Cooled Gathering at my shop this Sunday July 1st 2012 from 10am-1pm.

Show off your air-cooled DuB of any shape and size, chat, mingle, relax, bring a picnic, whatever! This will be a great kick-off to the Summer. Free to all, open house of our new shop and the latest projects we are working on Food and drinks will be on hand.

Hope to see you guys all there, show off your DUB! Any questions contact me or call 845.290.9900

Air Cooled Classics Magazine Showcases some of my Video Work

Air-cooled Classics Magazine is a really cool mag that is internet/app only viewing.  This is a the wave of the future by the way, no more piles of mags sitting on your living room floor.  If you do not remember this mag showcased my 1955 Ragtop Beetle a few months back;

Well this time they are showcasing my video work and my good BuD Eric Shoemaker’s (of ) pro photos of the So Cal Vintage Treffen that we attended in September of last year.  The mag used to be free, but now there is a subscription.  Take a peek at the latest issue HERE.  The three part Video of the Treffen can be seen here.

Part 1 HD Video of the Vintage VW Beetle BuG Treffen »

Classic VW Beetle BuGs So Cal Vintage Treffen 2011 Pt.2 »

Classic VW Beetle BuGs So Cal Vintage Treffen HD Video 2011 Pt.3 »

If you have never attended a Treffen before, this is one you must travel to, it was the best VW show I have ever gone to.

New Vid Tip on “How to Remove your VW Axle Nut”

This is a great tip on “How to Remove your VW axle NuT”  Now in this video the demonstrator loosened the nut fairly easy, not all NUTS are the same.  Depending on where your VW lived most of its life, that axle nut could be so corroded that no matter what force you put on it to loosen it, it does not want to budge.  This video shows how to use an angle iron piece of metal and a breaker bar, but sometimes that is not enough. 

So my Pop and I like to use a lil heat from a torch to get that nut RED HOT, then use an electric impact gun to get ours off.  Our method can be the last resort if the breaker bar method does not work for you.  Now if the heat from a torch does not work… you can use a chisel to just cut the nut loose from the threads and pry it off.  Then just buy a new nut.


Proof of the VW Appreciating in Value

After last weeks newsletter, many have been asking where am I seeing the appreciation in value of the VW beetle. Many look in the wrong spots, eBay is a good indication of the market trend, but remember many of the cars on there are not up to show standards, I would say 90% or more are drivers at best.  When a beetle is put together correctly and up to a high standard their value increases even further.

Check out the Show Results recently from Barrett-Jackson  just be sure to punch in “Volkswagen” in make section and hit search.  And then check to see the results.  Keep im mind, (if you notice) the VWs that go for the good $$ are stock vintage in style and look.  Anything that is ratty or custom seems to go for less.

This is why I do what I do guys, I restore these beetles back to their historical beauty to a high standard, even better than most of the bugs that cross these auction blocks.  This is why people choose to go with our Build-A-BuG program.  When you invest into our quality of bugs, you will not lose.

Too many people tell me they want to restore their bug “but not to a show standard, just want to make a good driver.”  I ask myself, why not go the extra mile?  If you do the work yourself, the lil extra in costs will be greatly benefited in the end.  When it comes time to sell, drivers do not bring much, you are lucky if you break even.  Go a lil more high end, and you will make money, the proof is in the pudding.

Hope to see you Sunday at my Gathering! Have a great weekend guys,

Chris Vallone


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Last Updated: June 28th, 2012