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April 26, 2012

May 5th Classic VW Bugs 50 Mile Spring Volkswagen Air-Cooled Cruise

We are putting on a ‚ÄúSpring VW Air-Cooled Convoy Cruise” into the Hudson Valley Sat. May 5th 2012.

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How to Buy a Vintage Classic VW Beetle Bug Reloaded PT.8

Here is Parts 8 on “How to Buy a Bug Reloaded.” In this part I speak about what to look out for when examining the engine, how she shifts, runs, shimmies, shakes, etc.

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April 17, 2012

Classic 1971 VW Beetle Bug Shantung Yellow Sedan

Found this car for a nice couple in South NJ. They came into my shop wanting a bug, but could not afford the “Build-A-BuG” program.

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Barry’s 1957 Oval VW Ragtop Beetle Sedan * Build-A-BuG * Project

Barry from PA contacted to get an Oval Ragtop bug for a “Build-A-BuG” project. Pics Updated 5-14-15

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April 16, 2012

Classic VW Bugs throws the 1st Show; DuBs & Coffee!

This past Sunday we had our 1st Gathering of the year DuBs & Coffee, we had a great time! People brought their Air-Cooled rides, Free to all, no trophies or awards, just good ole Air-Cooled Mingle, chat, hang FUN. Any Air-Cooled VW of any shape or size was welcome, ghia, bug, bus, etc.

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April 7, 2012

Kudos Thank Yous! By William Shearin, Owns a 1970 Classic VW Beetle Bug

I rarely send e-mails to folks I’ve not met. But after spending the last 4 or 5 hours watching your videos I feel as if I know you and am compelled to reach out.

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April 5, 2012

Classic VW Bugs 4-5-2012 Newsletter; My 1955 Beetle for sale, new tip, Dubs & Coffee

Well I had to do it! I have to put my “Pride & Joy” 1955 Ragtop Beetle up for sale.

What I have in store for you this week;

1. 1955 Ragtop goes up for sale
2. New Video tip on vapor lock caused by fuel pump
3. “Dubs & Coffee” gathering one week from Sunday
4. Mooving into our NEW shop!

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Classic VW Bugs How to fix Beetle Fuel Pump Vapor Lock

In this short tip I explain how to fix vapor lock coming from your fuel pump.

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Classic VW Bugs How to Install Beetle Pop-Out Window Seals

This is a short tip on installing pop-out window seals into your vintage VW Beetle Frame.

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Classic VW Bugs How to Repair Beetle 5 Lug Smooth Rim Clips

In this short tip I show you how to repair your smoothie rim clips to hold your Hub Caps on.

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