How to Buy a Vintage Classic VW Beetle Bug Reloaded PT.5-7

Added February 16, 2012 by Chris Vallone

Here are Parts 5-7 on “How to Buy a Bug Reloaded.”  In these parts I speak about what to look out for when examining the interior, wires, major body work, doors, title/registration, and buying intentions.

Take a look below.

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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The "How To Buy a VW" videos were great.....wish I would have viewed them prior to picking up my "65", but I didn't and although my "65" is now in the back garage being repaired, I still love it.  All the areas you pointed out I am experiencing, you could have used my "65" for the videos as far as "what to look for"; especially the "rear wheel well sections".  Which brings me to my question:  "I've replaced the entire "Shock Tower" area and the entire "Rear Bumper Mount" area with "Full Panels" (WolfsburgWest).  Job actually came out pretty nice (cut panels, pounded, shaped, mig welded in, ground and some All Metal filler to hide the weld, but weld seams).  Q.  You mentioned that when you see "undercoating" it sends up the "Red Flag" - hiding imperfections.  Since I put all this work in repairs and I think it came out "OK", I was going to spray undercoating or truck bed liner simply for protection....BUT.....I don't want someone to think I'm hiding "imperfections".  What - How should I paint the inner wheel wells in your opinion after these repairs?



Hey Chris,

I discovered your website. It is very, very interesting one.
I am writting you from France. I am living in east part of it.
Very close to the german border.
I am a owner of a 64 beetle (august 1964), so 65 model year.
Engine and gearbox are original. The rest of the car is also

pretty good for his age. But it is not a show car.

Inn the past I had an oval window 1956 and a 68 wth 1500 engine.
Both were also good cars.

Have a nice time with your bug.
With kindest regards,

Luc heinrich from Strasbourg.