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Classic VW Bugs Newsletter: Happy Thanks! New VIDEO Tip on Engine Detail

Happy Thanks Giving My VW BuDs!

I have a pretty cool newsletter for ya this week, short but good.

– I did not get around to the Bug Jam Video yet, my apologies.
– New Video Tip on “How to Detail your VW Motor”
– My BuD Eric Shoemakers Air Cleaner Resto Biz.

I will have the Bug Jam Video out at some point, it is not at the top of the prio list right now, stay tuned.


I have a new video out this week on Engine Detail. We are in the middle of doing a motor so I thought I would show you how I go about cleaning my motors up. I give you different ways (depending on budget) on how to go about making your motor look SHNAZY on whatever budget. Check the video out HERE.

My Bud, Artist and all around VW Fanatic Eric Shoemaker

I bumped into Eric on the Web sometime back a year or two ago. We have a lot in common, went to school for art, and got crazy about VWs. He and his wife live in San Fran CA. the mecca of dry VWs. Eric did an interview on me back in January of this year, you can see that HERE.

He has continued his interviews with others in the industry as well, take a peek on his site

I finally bumped into Eric at this past years Vintage VW Treffen show in So Cal, we hit it off well. Well I am here to tell ya that Eric is jumping in on the VW sales scene, he has started a small side biz of “Restoring the 1967 Oil Bath Air Cleaners.”

See the great thing about “US” artists is the attention to detail we put into our work, and these air cleaners are no exception. Sometimes you need just a delicate hand, unlike my PoPs that likes to use a hammer to everything, hahaha. =o)

Well I am off for the rest of the weekend! Hope everyone has a great Holiday, for my overseas buds have a great weekend.

Chris Vallone

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Last Updated: November 24th, 2011