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Classic VW BuGs Newsletter; Fall Foliage Cruise, WD-40 and its many Uses

Hey My VduB BuDs!

Our October Fall Foliage Cruise Heads off tomorrow into the Hudson Valley! I was able to put together a map of the cruise in a PDF format that everyone can download and print, so when you get to my shop this Saturday Oct. 22nd 2011 at 9AM, you will be ready. Again, be sure to have full tank of gas, snacks, drinks, GPS, this print out of the map, and your camera! You will need it. You can get the MAP HERE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a shout, 845.290.9900 or email me The weather looks perfect for Saturday, Sunny, Mid 60s.

If you are just getting this info, we are putting on a “Fall Foliage” VW Air-Cooled Convoy Cruise into the Hudson Valley this Sat. Oct. 22nd 2011. It is about a 50 Mile Cruise with stops along the way for sight seeing and food. Please be at my shop no later than 9am, we depart shortly after that. 22 Burts Rd. Congers NY 10920 is our starting point.

The 1954 Build-A-BuG Project keeps Moving Along!

This week was a lot of the small tedious stuff that needed to get done, like cleaning bolts, painting small parts, electric, etc. It is amazing, you do so much work on the car and when the day is over you look at it and say “what the hell did I get done?” haha! So I took some pics this week of some of the other cosmetic things we had to do, like bumpers, running boards, gravel guards, door panels, etc. Things that you can at least see. Take a peek HERE.

TIP! WD-40 and its MANY USES.

Just got this email this morning from my very dear good friend and Goombada CiCi “Lucky Larry.” As you all know Larry stops by the shop on a frequent basis and always lends a good hand to work on the buggies, his 67 sedan sleeps nice in the shop too. ha! Well anyways he sent me an email on the many uses of WD-40. We use WD-40 religiously here in the shop, you have to. But you can use it for more things than just as a lubricant.

For example, we use it to take off glue that has been over-sprayed on the car when we install headliners. But I did not realize that there are many many other things you can use it for. Did you know that its basic ingredient is fish oil?

In order for me not to make this email super long, I made the WD-40 uses into a PDF document for ya. You can VIEW IT HERE

That’s a wrap this week, hope to see you guys at my cruise! Remember, please be at my shop by 9am, 22 Burts Rd. Congers NY 10920.

Chris Vallone

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Last Updated: October 21st, 2011