Classic 1972 VW Beetle BuG Sedan Pastel White

Added September 8, 2011 by Chris Vallone

SOLD AUG. 2011

This BuG I found on eBay this past winter that was for auction in NJ. It was an unfinished project, already painted but all gutted, just the way I like em. The metal work was extensive on this car, all new front quarters, rear quarters, aprons, fenders, you name it. This car was practically brand new, no motor was in it either, but the owner gave us a newly rebuilt turnkey 1600cc.

I restored this car back to the color scheme that I wanted. Yes it was a little custom on the inside, but it was more of a vintage custom, similar to the 50s beetles with the trim. Believe me, I had my eye on it to keep it as a second car, one I could drive at night or take the girl out in, but with the amount of projects we have going on, it was just too tight in the shop. This car was ZERO miles, brand new, BUILD-A-BUG quality. ’72 is the last year bug I will work on, it is my Mason Dixon Line.


See the HD video Below

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